Iraqi Freedom Patch

God bless our guys and gals over there. Fucking around with those towel heads and dune coons. I can’t wait till they get home. And wasn’t Iraq supposed to have their constitution done by yesterday?

  • big bull August 23, 2005

    Alright! Cartman!!!!!!!!!!

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  • canukcop August 23, 2005

    Please bomb them and end this shit.

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  • trojen August 23, 2005

    bring them home!!!!!

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  • redskin420 August 23, 2005


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  • smartasscop August 24, 2005

    that's right canukcop, my vote is for lake iraq

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  • kimmer August 24, 2005

    Another vote for lake iraq here.....

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  • moonchild69 August 24, 2005

    duh... bling where were you sept 11th

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  • mike8putang August 24, 2005

    she wants us to hug them and theyll hug us back!!lmfao ..bling there goal wich theyve stated is a world under islam ,so thats why they want to see lake iraq,me i want to see the desert made into a big glass bowl ...they r no differnt then the nazi's were in world war two.

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  • mike8putang August 25, 2005

    no bling ,ask one somtime what should happen to isreal and anyone who supports them,then ask them what the koran says to do with non muslims,then tell them ur jewish ..see how that goes very few of them will say there ok w/that and the 2nd question they dont like there u go.but hey when europe becomes a muslim not christian ill laugh my ass off..oh read the book the enemy within written by vango ,it got him killed!

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  • spongemike August 25, 2005

    OMG. More iraqi bleeding hearts. Check out what Sadams thugs did to the kurds you dope.

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  • psychobug August 27, 2005

    Just like the jews.The muslims don't consider us people. We are infidels in their eyes. less worthy than a cat or dog.WE MUST STOP ALL RELIGION!

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  • mike8putang August 31, 2005

    they talked about it on fox news ,maybe i have the name wrong . it was on hannity and cones

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