Keeping PC's Straight

See the problem is that homos just figure out how to break down your firewall, and get into your pc. They turn the desktop into a clean, very orderly place with all sorts of fancy mouse icons and what not. And next thing you know, the computer keeps asking for you to put in a floppy disc. It’s a real pain in the ass…opps not literally.

  • big bull August 23, 2005

    HA HA HA LMFAO!!!!

  • archemedes_rex August 23, 2005

    Tainted Bliss might be offended by this. Hey! That rhymes!

  • mandapanda06 August 23, 2005

    Well hell archemedes...ure a poet and you didn't even know it...yes quite 2nd grade, but you get the point

  • ramyel August 23, 2005


  • idril August 23, 2005

    where was this when the guys were playing twister!?!?!

  • smartasscop August 24, 2005

    everyone on aohell needs this feature, 90% of the rooms are m4m

  • kimmer August 24, 2005

    LoL! Thats funny!

  • naughty_samara August 24, 2005

    lmao idril.

  • tainted_bliss August 24, 2005

    OH MY GOD! jus cuz im not a closed minded homophobe, doesnt mean im gay!

  • spongemike August 25, 2005

    Well. Tell us. What does it mean? Expliq.

  • kingjohnny August 30, 2005

    how much does it cost? i'll take it. and prepay for the next version!!

  • kazuma_t_s_b August 31, 2005

    i got gaydar so im set

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