Who Wants Some Head?

No, this is not New Orleans. So don’t even go there. New Orleans is much, much worse! Who is the wise guy that put the cigarette in his mouth?

  • hotrae September 3, 2005

    omg omg omg that is sooooooooo gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sassyjazz September 3, 2005

    isnt that the same face as the one in the old pics like this?

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  • gurtman23 September 3, 2005

    thats nasty.... oh no its ok he is black thats funny

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  • conkerman15 September 3, 2005

    hey honky black people do that shit, not even white people, its them crazy ass africans

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  • mike8putang September 3, 2005

    well i like to get some head ,but not that kind of head..why is it that everytime we ask for somthing u always give it to us but its still not what were asking for ...

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  • eweotter September 3, 2005


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  • trojen September 3, 2005

    lol mike!!

    are they tryin to extract his eyeball???? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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  • mandapanda06 September 3, 2005

    Aw Mike...are they teasin you? thats not fair...We still love ya though!

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  • absintheminded September 3, 2005


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  • smartasscop September 3, 2005

    my Malinois could use it as a chew toy

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  • thesku11s September 3, 2005

    Africa continues to be violently fucked up due to the continual dabbling of Multi national companies such as Shell and Esso, politically, environmentally, socially and economically.

    Thats why its always in places like Nigeria that militia's go about burning live people, cuttting them up, and far worse forms of extremely sick physical and mental torture to Children and adults alike. And it wouldn't at all surprise me if the CIA were behind training groups like the janjaweed at all.

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  • honeygirl September 3, 2005


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  • msluvly0423 September 3, 2005

    No matter how bad this looks, nothing beats that fuckin video of the nepalese (or however the fuck u spell it) gettin' his head cut off on video. Now that was some NASTY SHIT!!!!!!!

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  • mandapanda06 September 3, 2005

    Im with ya Msluvly...that was horrible

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  • burgie September 4, 2005

    Skull yeah, right blame the oil companies for these animals acting the way they do--fucktard. The fuckin african niggers are savages.

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  • archemedes_rex September 4, 2005

    What. The. Fuck.

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  • diggydow September 4, 2005

    boy i'll tell you, if it wasn't for dumb asses like gurtman, eweotter, and burgie, this world would be better. If some white guy did the same shit to your mother or father or whatever, what would he be to you. Seeing as you think all black people have to be niggas and shit. You all are about the most ignorant individuals i have ever seen in my life. I don't condone what they did on this picture but don't call people you wouldn't want somebody to call you, jackass.

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  • spongemike September 4, 2005

    Nappyhead beauticians dummy head. NOT.

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  • sassyjazz September 4, 2005

    HAHAHAHAHAHA i didnt think i would find anything funny about this pic until spongemike came through w/ that 1!!

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  • eweotter September 4, 2005

    but i was trying to make the world a little better diggy...i only called him a jig-a-boo...for right now, that's the best i can do...and btw, believe it or not, i have lots of black friends too, and they hate the so called "niggas" also. It doesn't take dark skin to be a nigger.....there's more caucasion niggers than blacks in this world...but i'm not one of them...

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  • housewife September 5, 2005

    eweotter, do you say I have lots of white friends. Just feeling the need to specify that they are of color is only to convince yourself, the rest of aren't fooled.

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  • pitbull89x September 7, 2005

    Thesku11s.....you officially are retarded.....you honestly believe that gas companies cause this? And the CIA trains them to do this? Holy fuck we have reached a new level of stupidity ladies and gentlemen. Using big words and trying to sound smart doesnt actually make you smart, all you're doing is dressing up a big steaming pile of bullshit.....no matter what it looks like on the outside its still bullshit . ITS CALLED GENOCIDE DOUCHEBAG and its been going on long before gas stations went "multinational". Before you go working on your conspiracy theories, get a fucking clue and a brain wouldnt hurt either.

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  • roareruk September 10, 2005

    now theres a solution to head lice ... remove the entire head lol .. dumb fucking niggers

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  • roareruk September 10, 2005

    i mean look at the guy to the right in the black .. the look on his face is it disgust or ... FUCK ME I HAVE AN ITCHY HEAD !!!!

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  • stoppedtostare October 15, 2005

    The world is getting sicker,

    with the passing of each day.

    It seems I can't go no where,

    without hearing about gays!

    HollyWood promotes it,

    and the public takes it in.

    The cards are stacked against us,

    but somehow we got to win.

    So I took my battle to the streets,

    I had to do my part.

    Leading by example is,

    the only way to start!

    Thats the way the ball got rolling,

    thats how it all began.

    I drug a fag for miles,

    behind my pickup while he ran.

    His adrenaline was pumping,

    so he kept up for awhile.

    The price for being a queer is death,

    no judge,no jury, no trial!

    So I pushed down on the pedal,

    and we started going faster.

    It was time for me to make my move,

    it was time to kill the bastard.

    I swerved from right to left,

    to make him loose his footing.

    He slipped and split his fucking wig,

    I knew what I was doing!

    It took a second to stop the truck,

    to see if he was dead.

    And when I found the body,

    it wasn't with his head.

    I cut the rope and drove away,

    without so much as a sound.

    I left the punk there on the road,

    hoping he would be found!

    So now you've heard the story,

    about the murder of a queer.

    You can see that I was justified,

    and that my cause was clear.

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  • okjames September 6, 2010

    is that frebreze?

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