I Never Want Chocolate Again

When you are fat, you really should avoid mixing food with sex. For me seeing this shit, I really don’t want chocolate anymore. Actually ever.

  • kissieface3769 October 7, 2005

    yeah... as if this woman needs to eat anymore chocolate

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  • gurtman23 October 7, 2005

    and no i wouldnt even touch it if i had christ316's wort infested cock not even after a few buckets of guinness

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  • christ316 October 7, 2005

    stop posting pics like this jay, you'll make most the women here (mostly gurrty) insanely jealous. ahahhaha

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  • archemedes_rex October 7, 2005


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  • christ316 October 7, 2005


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  • frootyhooty October 7, 2005

    Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle...J-E-L-L-O

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  • mike8putang October 7, 2005

    candymans wife!! damn how does that son go ,didnt sammy davis sing it ?

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  • mike8putang October 7, 2005


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  • sublimeman14 October 7, 2005

    ahhh no comment eewwww

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  • big bull October 7, 2005

    The prostitute Willy Wonka hired for the Oompha Loompahs!

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  • mandapanda06 October 7, 2005

    Its sad when you have to actually LIFT your tit to see your nipple...EW

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  • trojen October 7, 2005

    LMAO--- this is her way of gettin all hussied up to get herself a man at the singles club tonight

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  • rc2james October 7, 2005

    She better REALLY be careful around electric mixer.

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  • bbeens October 7, 2005

    Where's Yort?....................OK I'd fuck her!

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  • joseman October 7, 2005

    Nothing quite says I Love you like Jello pudding Dawwwwww! (Bill Cosby)

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  • joelezekiel October 7, 2005

    big ol chocolaty nippie!

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  • tree88 October 8, 2005

    Why, oh why did i look at this? Damn!!!!

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  • archemedes_rex October 8, 2005

    Too bad you can't just 'unsee' some things, huh, tree88?

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  • mandapanda06 October 8, 2005

    oh bbeans...tell me you're kidding

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  • mandapanda06 October 8, 2005

    and btw...everyone should come to the forum cuz its great fun :)

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  • redneck71 October 8, 2005


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  • fhwrestlr October 8, 2005

    Big, fat, floopy, and covered in milk chocolate. Ohh what fun (and disgusting) things you can do with choclate.

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  • smartasscop October 8, 2005


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  • naughty_samara October 8, 2005

    LMAO big bull!!

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  • big bull October 8, 2005

    Samara, you just love those Oompah Loompah remarks, don't you!:)

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  • naughty_samara October 9, 2005

    They're hilarious big bull!!!Reminds me of the movie,the old 1!!!and its how u word em!!!

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  • geargrinder65 October 9, 2005

    Next, roll in flour and GO FOR THE WET SPOT!!!!!

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  • kazuma_t_s_b October 10, 2005

    ohh man thats just wrong dude omg im never eating chocolate or anything that takes flour again

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  • grade82 October 11, 2005

    If not for the face id say it was a pig.Oh God,my mistake.She does not even qualify to be a slut.

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  • stoppedtostare October 15, 2005

    I went to my friends house for dinner tonight,

    and I saw something that just wasn't right.

    He said he had a sister but he didn't explain,

    that she was retarted and wet on the brain!

    This can't be the sister that he wanted me to meet,

    she was wearing a tie dye with thongs on her feet.

    She realy had down syndrome son of a bitch,

    how do I get myself in this shit?

    I walked right beside her as I pulled out a chair,

    and sat down disgusted and tried not to stare.

    She looked up at me with a shit eating grin,

    with gummy bears in her teeth and drool on her chin!

    Then she reached over to give my shirt sleeve a tug,

    and stretched out both arms she wanted a hug.

    I tried to be nice, I tried to be subtle,

    what is it with retards and wanting to cuddle?

    I felt so embarrassed I wanted to die,

    my hands got all sweaty and my throat went all dry.

    Then just like that I went from embarrassed to pissed,

    and I grabbed that fat bitch by both of her wrists!

    It happend so fast it was just like a blurr,

    she was down on the ground and I was on top of her.

    It was funny at first cause she didn't understand,

    till I fattend both of her lips with the back of my hand.

    I enjoyed beating her down for several more minutes,

    then my friend broke it up before I could finish.

    I realy don't know what came over myself,

    but my reaction was honest and couldn't be helped!

    He said I should leave and I should be ashamed,

    but he was wrong because he was to blame.

    He brought me to his house and needless to say,

    He gave me no warning and she had to pay.

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