Awwww How Cute

Personally I’d start to do a little target practice on the broads. I’d piss on that bitch with her mouth open first.

  • dfyla October 31, 2005

    I like it. Saw the same thing in a night club in Prague. She was just looking down and smiling.

  • big bull October 31, 2005

    I like the gal on the left taking the picture!

  • redskin420 October 31, 2005

    3 to the left with the tape measure.Yeah thats about right.

  • frootyhooty October 31, 2005

    That chick on the far right is going to end up with a blast of spooge on her face.

  • trojen October 31, 2005

    lmfao-- they should have one with a magnifying glass

  • atom November 1, 2005

    No,No! The bitch's faces should be INSIDE the bowl.

  • werewolf November 1, 2005

    lmfao trojen

  • naughty_samara November 3, 2005

    and tweezers too jen!!!ROFL

  • north_brutha34 February 16, 2009


  • zekesteroid February 19, 2009

    There should be one picture for the CrazyShiier of the world, where one of the picture depict a chicks laughing her ass off while point down with one hand and holding up her pinky finger on her other hand.

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