I Think My Engine Is Running Hot

As a passanger, how scary would it be to look out your window and see this?

  • thundermug November 16, 2005

    Even worse, what if that plane was forced to land in France? Now that would be scary.

  • guyschips1 November 16, 2005

    is that plane landing or taking off? looks like its turning.

  • matt666 November 16, 2005

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool

  • redwood418 November 16, 2005

    sitting in front, back, left, right, it all explodes just the same.

  • mad cow November 16, 2005

    lol at france,,,last french airline that blew was in toronto airport,,,anyways,,they still have the biggest ass plane in the world now,,,soooo fuck you,lol

  • big bull November 16, 2005

    That what they get for using Natural Gas!

  • tolietking November 17, 2005


  • mike_d November 17, 2005

    "This is your Captin speaking, we just had a little backfire. Nothing to be alarmed about"

  • stormrider November 17, 2005

    NOSsing a plane....hmmm.....cool idea.

  • rockybalboa November 18, 2005


  • trojen November 25, 2005

    I would be jumping off lol

  • jacksonsguilty January 3, 2006

    This is what you get when you hire Mexican pilots. It's bouncing from the hydraulics and blowing out flames. I bet it also has an annoying sound system.

  • kojenta March 7, 2006


    What is so gay about everything? Is it cos you are gay and want everything else in the world as gay as you? That picture is an unfortunate one.

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