The Anti Virus

You should always be protected.

  • importguyr34 November 28, 2005

    Thats like super-ultra old...and i believe you already posted this pic anyways.

  • cleanclam November 28, 2005

    fucking wonder its so slow

  • rockybalboa November 28, 2005

    A piece of advise from your friend and neighbor Rocky Balboa: always use the goddamn rubber, don't think you are too cool to use it. Gruesome things await for those who dare having unprotected sex unrelentlesstly. goddammit!

  • smttf7 November 28, 2005

    Rocky is right. Remember Dickless Wonder-- and Crusty Twat?

  • dixigurl November 28, 2005

    *yawn* this site is getting worse and wors

  • redwood418 November 29, 2005

    is that a midget condom? mine look like fire hoses compared to that

  • vomit May 31, 2008

    don't try this at home.

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