Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

What he was just looking for his ho. Sometimes you just got to show em and they cum running.

  • big bull December 15, 2005

    Santa Claus is CUMMING to Town! Now is your chance to bribe Santa!

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  • turtlrtot December 15, 2005

    thats y christmas should be outlawed

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  • kissieface3769 December 15, 2005


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  • bocky22 December 15, 2005

    Look at the mom covering up the little boys eyes. As if the kid hasnt looked down before during bath time.

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  • importguyr34 December 15, 2005 real pics they are more humorous.

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  • dirtyd December 15, 2005

    mother fucker did me just like that when i was a kid. i kicked him in the nuts and he covered up.

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  • smttf7 December 15, 2005

    Fake or not, it made me laugh.

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  • briandee December 15, 2005

    why does santa have no kids?

    he only cums once a year and thats in a sock!!

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  • mocopie December 15, 2005

    jingle balls,jingle balls, jingle all the way

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  • rockybalboa December 15, 2005

    If one of those motherfucking flashers stepped in front of me or my son I can assure you he wouldn't breed any fucking more. Fucking UNACCEPTABLE.

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  • frootyhooty December 15, 2005


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  • metallicalover December 17, 2005

    Hey rockybalboa would it be ACCEPTABLE to assume he suffers from significant shrinkage like you do???????????

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  • rockybalboa December 17, 2005

    no, it still is UNACCEPTABLE. And FYI, I've never ran into those kind of penis size problems you are so prone to mention. Maybe you are the one with the goddamn problem and are looking for other people to share your frustration. Sorry man, point your finger elsewhere, because my penis has a "Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back". And I always back up my fucking word.

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  • metallicalover December 18, 2005

    Guess i'm wrong again?? I hate that!!!

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  • dixigurl December 18, 2005

    fucking photoshop shit

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  • funsumwantsum December 19, 2005

    I dont think it was fake. the shadows under the Fucked up Santa is about the same as the people on the side walk.

    Can you imagine what this would do to a child who really yet believes in Santa.

    No more fucking cookies for that ass hole. If Santa can do it then for damn sure I can. Poor little shit...

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  • rose43 February 23, 2006


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