A Little To Close

I hate it when I try to back my truck up and then I end up hitting the car behind me. That sucks, that's when I'm like it's time to go!!!
Naw I'm kidding I just go and park somewhere else.

  • tripod December 14, 2005

    He's gonna be handin' over his entire paycheck for the next century or two to pay for that

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  • thebignasty December 14, 2005

    Nah Gov. airplane... Tax payers get the bill

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  • thundermug December 14, 2005

    Hey prowler, I didn't know they let you fly a B-1!

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  • cell_491 December 14, 2005

    its deffinitely a B-1 and it almost definitely cost the pilot his wings....or at least he got grounded for awhile. I love how the B-1 has like no damage.

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  • big bull December 14, 2005

    I'll bet Tigerbee was in the cockpit! That would make me wreck a plane! LOL

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  • oldfart December 15, 2005

    How do you know the truck didn't run into the plane while it was parked? Just wondering.

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  • thedeadpoet76 December 15, 2005

    Considering the location of the debris on the ground the plane more than like hit the truck and pushed it back about 15-20 feet. CSI baby!! (lmao)

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  • mocopie December 15, 2005

    closer,closer, OK STOP

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  • wiskerbizqit December 23, 2005

    First of all thundermug and Cell!!! YOu guys are fucking idiots that is not a B-1!!! I work with B-1's!!!! You can drive that fucking truck under the belly with about 10 to 15 ft left!!! Plus the B-1 had those little winglets at the front of the aircraft to help with stability!!! And one other little detail that small airframe would never handle the 4 F-16 engines that it takes to get an actual B-1 off the ground!!!

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  • jacksonsguilty January 3, 2006

    It's definitely not a B-1B. Is it even USAF? It might possibly be an RAF aircraft. Do you know, wisker?

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