Sking In The Desert

Pretty cool, I wonder how much it is to get in? Better yet how much does it cost to run that place?

  • big_guns December 23, 2005

    And they need money from us????

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  • redwood418 December 23, 2005

    with thinking like that^^^^^^^^is why you are where you are and not in charge of anything important. so shut up and keep surfing the net and watch porn or whatever your lost ass does and let the rich keep fucking things up.

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  • big bull December 23, 2005

    Drivenmad you are so wrong! The middle east holds 1 third of the known oil supplies!

    The US, including the offshore rigs, is only about 10-20% of what we use, there are very few untapped sources in the US!

    I have worked in the oil business for over 25 years!

    From Oil Field Trash, to Geology, to Drafting and Maintenance of Refineries!

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  • metallicalover December 23, 2005

    If I see this right it doesn't look like any of the towelheads are skiing. Only whitey

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  • archemedes_rex December 23, 2005

    Shiek Yerbouti paid for this with the change in his Bentley's ashtray.

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  • bildo619 December 23, 2005

    HEY Metaliccalover can't you see the towel head person in the above pituer?

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  • smttf7 December 23, 2005

    That is really nicely done!

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  • troll_de_norte December 23, 2005

    there was this picture floating around saying 10,000 dollar a night rooms at this nicccee palace looking place in saudi arabia... but when u get to the last picture it says "this is not an advertisement. these photographs are in fact a saudi oil tycoons palace." they made it appear as if it was a hotel like thing cuz the roomz were lavish to say the least...

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  • boozerdude December 23, 2005

    Ill bet the children next door to this place are starving.

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  • r6dude December 24, 2005

    I think this shit is in Dubai, fucking rich ass country loaded with oil and other nature resources. They built this because they know their oil supply will eventually run out and soon have to turn to tourism for alternate source of income.

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  • hillbilly5150 December 24, 2005

    Fuck a bunch of skiing SandNiggers!!

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  • mike_d December 24, 2005

    Is this the same shitbag that made an island the shape of a palm tree?

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  • pilot_chick December 25, 2005

    r6dude is right it is in Dubai...considering you can see the Burj al arab hotel in the background of the first picture.

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  • hatorihynzo December 26, 2005

    anencephaly your a moran, everything you say is ignorant and stupid. Dubai is in the United Arab Emerites, not Saudi Arabia and they do have a democratic government. Deuchbag

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  • eightyj December 26, 2005

    Why do you people persist in thinking you have anything important to say?

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  • smttf7 December 26, 2005

    Anencephaly: Up until now, I have mostly refrained from placing myself on your level by responding to your ignorance. However, for the sake of others who may believe your shamefully emphatic declaration that the ski resort is in Saudi Arabia, let me assure you, it is not. It is in Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates. By the way, only ten percent of thier economy is from oil. Now why don't you respond with vulgar epithets, the only language you speak proficiently.

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  • rockybalboa December 26, 2005

    DAMN! I would humbly apologyze if that was directed towards me.

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  • pablosdog December 27, 2005

    you guys give her (anencephaly) a break. It's obviously that time of the month.

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  •   thundermug December 27, 2005

    Good one, troll. Thanks. I will be sure to file that in the "Who gives a fuck" section. And anencephaly, that was a run-on. It is Saudi Arabia because you can see that weird looking hotel? No comment needed.

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  • tbsensesfail January 3, 2006

    wow, thats truely state of the art for over there and here

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  • jacksonsguilty January 3, 2006

    Sand beaners and their toys.

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