Potty Head

I know what your thinking, but I'm telling you the kids would be so calm. At the very least you could use it yourself and ignore them.
If you think your kids should have some shirts like this,

you can go to T-shirt Hell now, and hook the little twats up.

  • briandee December 23, 2005

    What an ugly little fucker.. his mom & dad need the weed.

  • bocky22 December 23, 2005

    Aww...how cute....is future white trash of America!!!!!!!!!

  • big bull December 23, 2005

    Now thats funny! LMAO!

  • archemedes_rex December 23, 2005

    Now that's a Big Forehead! WHOH!

  • bildo619 December 23, 2005

    FAT kid! If your gonna promote your shirts get a better looking kid. Sorry mom of the kid.

  • smttf7 December 23, 2005

    He won't have any teeth in twenty years, just like mom.

  • smokinmonkey December 23, 2005

    Future dealerz of America!! I'm glad some Parents are thiking of their childrens' future. Can I get a beeper number?

  • troll_de_norte December 23, 2005

    that can be considered child abuse BOOOOOOOO

  • boozerdude December 23, 2005

    ahhhh,the memories.

  • werewolf December 24, 2005

    Just plain stupid...

  • mike_d December 24, 2005

    Stupid parents have stupid kids. :)

  • pablosdog December 24, 2005

    you guys are mean..you're right but you're mean. future pro wrastlin' fan for sure.

  • sylkkdaskr December 26, 2005

    what the fuck is that red tumor looking thing comming out of his ass?

  • rockybalboa December 26, 2005

    It is a goddamn flower stamped on the goddamn blanket, goddammit!

  • moonchild69 December 28, 2005

    that is what kids look like when there sorry ass moms get high while pregnant... he is lucky to have all of his limbs :{

  • rockybalboa January 2, 2006

    Hello my moonchild... let's go down to the forums and have some fun!

  • earlydawn6758 January 6, 2006

    wow, aweful comments ya'll, the kids cute, parents arent to bright for posting something like that but shit we need the 70s and 60s style people back cause all people seem to do anymore is hate on someone

  • screnea February 4, 2006

    how would u people feel if someone talked about your child lkie that

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