Bad Ass Oil Fire

Check out this nasty oil fire. It could be seen for miles. How hot do these fuckers burn?

  • smttf7 December 26, 2005

    The temperature depends on the height. This looks to be about 1350 degrees F, close to maximum for this type of oil fire.

  • big bull December 26, 2005

    Some one doesn't have a job anymore! What could one little cigar hurt?

  • guyschips1 December 26, 2005

    did you see it? the face of the devil appeared right in the smoke.

  • tripod December 26, 2005

    Gay Guyschips1: GAY!

  • fukedupasshole December 26, 2005

    It was just a little camp fire.

  • wicked_m4 December 26, 2005

    These are pics are from the Hertfordshire oil fire. I believe it was a terrorist attack on the oil refinery.

    Hertfordshire is near England incase your were'nt sure.

  • rockybalboa December 27, 2005


  • sheer_angel December 27, 2005

    Hertfordshire is IN England, it is NEAR London. Just thought I would clarify that...Thank you very much, buhbye.

  • troll_de_norte December 27, 2005

    that first pic looks crazy..

  • tbsensesfail January 3, 2006

    well, actually, no one knows what the devil looks like. it could have been an angel for all we know.

  • moonchild69 January 3, 2006

    guyschip, i see it too... i also see the ozone layer deteriorating a little more, sad so sad :{

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