Ice Sign

Man that's pretty fucking cold. I mean it's not every day you see something like that.

  • rockybalboa December 30, 2005

    Now, that IS an acid rain flavored popsicle, INDEED.

  • guyschips1 December 30, 2005


  • vanilla_cream December 30, 2005

    I'm so glad I'm not there.

  • metallicalover December 30, 2005


  • pablosdog December 30, 2005

    jay, are you just going to go to and steal all their pictures? I mean come on, at least go back in the archives and switch it up a bit.

  • planetx January 1, 2006

    Actually, in NE ohio, that;s the kind of shit we do see everyday in mid january

  • Jay D. January 2, 2006

    Hey Pablo, if you look on the top right side of the page, you will see who posted the pic. I haven't actually posted pics in over a month now. I will ask Jesse what's up though.

  • Jesse U. January 2, 2006

    For all of you who are so concerned some one actually sent this pic in to me.

    If you don't like the pic then send some shit in and if I like it I'll put it up.

  • chevdog72 January 2, 2006

    ok im gettin cold just looking at that

  • pablosdog January 3, 2006

    thanks for pointing that out Jay. I'm learnin'!...slowly

  • mocopie January 4, 2006

    acid don't freeze but this would probably contain some bits and pieces of bugs,dirt,wood,and other crunchy stuff.

  • moonchild69 January 27, 2006

    hey pablo, how do your shoestrings taste lmao

  • calibaldie March 20, 2006

    So if you run this stop sign will you get 2 tickets?

  • xantradorn November 25, 2007

    fear the sign

  • nankey July 27, 2009


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