Stay Of The Run Way

There's a reason your not supposed to drive on the runway.

  • rukindiam January 9, 2006

    it would have be better pic if he would have hit a lil to the left

  • yokiti January 9, 2006

    Hey searg! Didn't you say you could use another open sided troop carrier...

  • fhwrestlr January 9, 2006

    Dosen't look American, so haha. Probably some other caountries Air Farce.

  • ahbadie January 10, 2006

    Its an German Luftwaffe Tornado Jet

  • rockybalboa January 13, 2006

    Don't fuck with the germans

  • pablosdog January 13, 2006

    Why? ^^^ 'cause they got car parts falling off of their warplanes?

  • wantaberacer February 23, 2006

    "Stay Of The Run Way?" huh? I'm sure you know wtf ur talkin bout Willis..... time to use "measure twice, cut once"

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