If you see someone cutting down a tree, why would you park underneath that same tree? They probably were trying to collect on the insurance.

  • rockybalboa January 16, 2006


  • guyschips1 January 16, 2006

    gay times two

  • thundermug January 16, 2006

    username is gay.

  • oie71 January 16, 2006


  • tripod January 16, 2006

    Is that one of those cars that had a lifetime warranty? Lifetime's over.

  • rc2james January 16, 2006

    So the car belongs to a gay, mentally challenged person?

  • damn_girl January 17, 2006

    he was high and didn't know the tree was coming

  • tweek312 January 17, 2006

    Poor Volksy.

  • wicked_m4 January 17, 2006

    How do we know the tree was being cut down? More likely the tree fell in a storm.

  • cell_491 January 17, 2006

    jesse your a dipshit... like wicked said this tree probably fell in a storm, and they cut off the branches after the tree fell to make it easier to remove.

  • dadrumerboi January 18, 2006

    "DAD i didnt know that was your car. i thought it was the same car that guy was driving and came to momma's house last nite . he told me to tell you. thanks for the ride. wateva that means. DAd do you know wats he's talking about. mom said she was tired after all the banging on the bathroom door. im sry"

  • kissieface3769 January 18, 2006

    well.... storm or a fucktard cutting the tree down.... it serves the owner right for driving a pansy ass car like that

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