Chip Of The Old Block

It took me a minute to realize the truth. These artist are pretty fucking good.

  • yokiti January 23, 2006

    Now that's what I was talking about.

  • wicked_m4 January 23, 2006

    Anybody else having trouble getting into the forums?

  • trojen January 23, 2006

    yep :(

  • kissieface3769 January 23, 2006


  • thundermug January 23, 2006

    yep, and he should draw a nekkid broad on the ground, or maybe some giant labia and spray it down with fish oil for realism.

  • atom January 23, 2006

    Site's back up, but the forum still is not.

    The pic isn't crazy, but it is good!

  • yokiti January 24, 2006

    I got a PM from Jay telling me that you guys should have forum access soon. He told me it is a DNS issue.

  • kissieface3769 January 24, 2006

    fucking dns

  • naughty_samara January 24, 2006

    thats neat!

  • pablosdog January 24, 2006

    chopedtobits should be chopped to bits! hahahahahahahahahahahahah I love it when someone is so ignorant that they can fit in the words nigger and jew into a picture of a fucking sidewalk.

  • rockybalboa January 24, 2006

    Hey! Watch your language young lady! Do you use that same mouth to suck dicks??? If so, you can put me on the goddamn list. INDEED.

  • alboy January 24, 2006

    so so cool

  • chopedtobits January 24, 2006

    hahahahaha i dont even need to look at the pictures.... just read this shit from you all.... fuckin hilarious!!! i laugh my ass off ALWAYS! nigger. but yeah! cool pic t ure uhhhhhhhhh i think.... damn artists! they forgot to put in that one chunk though...jk...fuckin jewish arteests

  • fukedupasshole January 24, 2006

    thats pretty cool

  • moonchild69 January 27, 2006

    lol@ shitlooker^^^ that would be funny

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