Love These Noodles

Fucking Noodles!! I would call just to hear them say it. Hell I'd call once a week.

  • pablosdog January 24, 2006

    I phoking love it!!!

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  • fukedupasshole January 24, 2006

    pho king noodles. Now that is some funny shit

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  • tree88 January 24, 2006

    Yes, that is some funny shit.....

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  • metallicalover January 24, 2006

    I'm sure cat and dog are part of the ingredients!!!

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  • archemedes_rex January 24, 2006

    Try calling a Vienamese restaurant and asking if they have puppy. BOY they get pissed off.

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  • jacksonsguilty January 24, 2006

    There's a place on Beach Blvd in Fountain Valley, CA called Phuket Thai. Funny as shit walking in and ordering food.

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  • charlotteguy26 January 24, 2006

    i just calle at 10:45 eastern us time--- and i got aanswer machine---- and yes it says afeter a few wings--- you have cawwed pho kin noodle ---lmao i am def. calling tommorrow morning lol

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  • rockybalboa January 25, 2006

    That would be my favorite noodles restaurant. It has the two things I likw the most: noodles and fucking (or fucking and noodles)

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  • moonchild69 January 27, 2006

    to me, the idea of vietnam and food combined does not apeal to me.... at all

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  • zombiecuthroat April 2, 2006

    vietnam is a good place to live and only the mountain dwellers eat dogs and cats you racist crack whores fuck faced insecure retards.

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