Buyer Beware

That fine print will always get you. How mad do you think that poor soul was when he recieved his newly purchased box?

  • big_guns January 27, 2006

    Fuckin Classic!!!!!!

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  • metzger January 27, 2006

    Its fucked up that people try to sell shit like that, but buyer beware motherfuckers. I saw something similar for the XBOX360. I guess P.T. Barnum was right...

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  • metallicalover January 27, 2006

    DEE DEE DEE!!!

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  • yokiti January 28, 2006

    and I was making fun of the british in the forums... at least they were trying to sell more than cardboard.

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  • pablosdog January 28, 2006

    It's not nice to take advantage of the stupid. We are people too and it is a lot harder for us to make money. If you thought this was funny you probably let the air out of wheelchair tires and feed seeing-eye dogs sleeping pills.... Jerks!..why don't you just go kick some puppies.

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  • atom January 28, 2006

    The slitches I "interview" would fall for shit like this easy. Fucking stootches!

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  • amazon02 January 29, 2006

    I'm with big_guns on this 1!!!

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  • rockybalboa January 31, 2006

    I'm going to kick some puppies AFTER I'm done clubbing some seals...

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