An Icy Ride

Talk about hazardous fishing. Shit!!! How the hell can they operate in such conditions?

  • jimnkristy January 29, 2006

    Dont think its fishing boat. oil or containers, uh and cold

  • tree88 January 29, 2006

    No, not a fishing boat, but it is hard to tell exactly what kin of ship it is.

  • belgarath January 30, 2006

    a fucking cold one thats what kind

  • tweek312 January 30, 2006

    Ive seen pictures of stuff like this... theres a whole town somewhere where the whole town freezes over. Cars n'shit get stuck to the raod overnight by the ocean mist.

  • amazon02 January 30, 2006


    I've neva experienced anything unda -5c.

    Fuck that its ttttttooooooooooo cccccoooooollllllllllllllllddddddddddddd ffffffffffffoooorrrrrrrrr mmmeeeeeeeeee!

  • thundermug January 30, 2006

    It's a Princess Cruise! Can't you see Kathy Lee's frigid ass out on the deck?

  • tripod January 31, 2006

    Precisely why I taking my boat to Panama

  • pablosdog February 2, 2006

    SUPPORT GLOBAL WARMING and fuck this shit. brrr

  • cap-n_obvious February 7, 2006

    nothing crazy here

  • canukcop February 12, 2006

    -40C with 65mph winds baby! YEAH! Winter rocks!

  • beerandshit February 4, 2007

    Columbian drug lords are trying a new tactic, disguise the coke as ice and not worry about getting busted

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