Break Time

That kind of pain is just ridiculous, that's the kind of shit that will make you puke.

  • cap-n_obvious March 6, 2006

    I hate being first someone else do it

  • ert March 6, 2006

    Hey lets send the British and French soccer fans to Iraq, The're so peacefull together. The towelheads would'nt stand a chance.

  • buddernutts March 6, 2006

    hey look at those wierd ass titties just to the left of my post..........wierd. theyre like eyes er something. I'm done.

  • koure March 6, 2006

    me 2 hate being first

    but i lover soccer

  • joey_gladstone March 6, 2006

    i saw this yesterday only in color and the guy was holding the ball.

  • guyschips1 March 6, 2006


  • damn_girl March 6, 2006

    Looking at that hurts right on up to your ass cheeks. omg

  • youngblood48 March 6, 2006

    i'd rather see somebody dead than to see that shit! am i crazy or is the back of his knee blowing out? theisman, now this!

  • ed>ie March 7, 2006

    i thought u all sed that football is for gays, and pussies? sorry, not football 'soccer'! i see this happening all the time when i play saturdays and sundays, i just pray that it aint gonna be me next time. its not nice when u see a grown man screaming in pain coz his legs in half, but thats life!

  • jacksonsguilty March 7, 2006


  • rockybalboa March 8, 2006

    Thank God I practice karate instead of that shit.

  • cardioprincess March 9, 2006

    Ohhh, thats gonna leave a mark.

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