Crack Sandwich

Nothing taste better than a Crack Sandwich in the morning.

  • thundermug March 14, 2006

    My mom always gave me PB&J...selfish bitch.

  • archemedes_rex March 14, 2006

    Would you like a Crack Sandwich after your Smack Ramen?

  • jollydodger March 14, 2006

    Now with added dingleberries! mmmm! I love crack sandwich!

  • nathan March 14, 2006

    can i get a z of that please? ====~ ~~ ~

  • jacksonsguilty March 14, 2006

    And I'd have been happy with a pot brownie

  • nutsatchel March 14, 2006

    Didn't Rick James invent the crack sammich? Bitches!!! COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!!!

  • youngblood48 March 14, 2006

    hey hey hey thats my line m'fucker, ooops sorry dont know if i have a law suit or not!!!

  • rockymarciano March 15, 2006

    Fucking slit eyed bastards

  • calibaldie March 16, 2006

    I've heard thier pussies are slit sideways too. Is that true?

  • rockybalboa March 16, 2006

    LOL @ calibaldie of course not. But them asians are usually tight.

  • loren_54 March 22, 2006

    Ew... who cares about asian vag? They're freaks.___Loren

  • zombiecuthroat April 1, 2006

    i knew it! everyone who posts here is an ignoramous redneck fuck from the confederacy. and the crack sandwich was invented by tyrone biggums not rick james , get your chappelle show right. quote,"mmm mmm peanut butta and crack sandwich", tyrone biggums. the only reason you kno who rick james is , is because of that show im suprised you said anything not negative to them dirty welfare grabin niggars. o right you were too busy slaming those fucking chinks and gooks.

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