When Trains Collide

Reminds of a real drunk night I had once with a bunch of horny people.

  • youngblood48 March 17, 2006

    green race cars have never been lucky, i guess that goes for trains too! damn came in second again!

  • metallicalover March 17, 2006

    Those engineers are wack

  • yankeefan1 March 17, 2006

    Clips from "The Conducter Apprentice"

  • polak March 18, 2006

    Kurwa jego maæ! Ju¿ nie mo¿na zostawiæ na chwilê poci¹gu, bo ci go wykolej¹... Co za chory kraj...

  • tribalattack March 18, 2006

    ^ Wakije kuraye burrito mont pellier jue pregappa zoha taco bell.

  • polak March 19, 2006

    ^ Zaaplikowaæ ci?

  • ebunny March 19, 2006

    the little engines that couldn't

  • the ridgeruner March 19, 2006

    Famous last words-"Last one to the station buys the coffee!"

  • calibaldie March 20, 2006

    Note to rednecks. Train racing is not cool. No matter howmany time youalllllllll wreck. And no you dont get a pat on that ass like soccer shitlooker as a prize you get to kiss your sister/mother/wife or what ever the hell yall call them nowadays. I think the redneck with the green train would have won that race.

  • loren_54 March 23, 2006

    Both of the trains are green, calibaldie.

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