At Least They Died Together

Together Forever.

  • tripod March 26, 2006

    You suppose anyone's gonna miss them?

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  • 123654 March 26, 2006

    im having necro fun with the one on the right tonight

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  • cirrhosis99 March 26, 2006

    Nothin like a couple of dead bodies to start the night off..

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  • loren_54 March 26, 2006

    Looks kinda like the person that killed them got blood on his hands and touched her chest... especially since the smeared blood looks vaguely like a handprint. There was ALREADY some "necro fun" with the one on the right.

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  • imbetu March 26, 2006

    The guy still hasn't figured out that shes been shot... he's left hand looks like its going for her left tit... or maybe he shot her? ahhhh never mind**** RIP.....

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  • kkkkilla March 26, 2006

    maybe they were cheating and got caught. dude prob came home on his lunch break, caught his wife, and BANG. that's why i carry one on me at all times. When i'm hittin some dude's wife, I wanna be ready for any confrontation.

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  • popguzzler March 27, 2006

    get caught with someones wife and thats what YOU deserve!!!!

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  • mike_d March 27, 2006

    Thank you CSI Loren.

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  • calibaldie March 27, 2006


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  • jgyt March 27, 2006

    I have her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tweek312 March 27, 2006

    Ive seen a movie from a company called fantoma films (fantoma/fantoma.html) that ends up like this. I am not sure about the whole story but it would be interesting to know how this came about.

    Yasuzo Masumura's - Manji

    A dutiful, unhappy lawyer’s wife falls in love with a young, mysterious woman she encounters at an art class. Soon their affair involves her husband and the young woman's impotent lover and together the four slowly descend into web of desire, deceit, blackmail, blood oaths and suicide pacts. Featuring superb performances and director Yasuzo Masumura’s stunning visual precision, this exquisitely wrought tale of erotic obsession is a hothouse of tangled passions and over the top emotion. Fantoma is proud to present this landmark film for the first time in the US, uncut and in its original DaieiScope aspect ratio.

    If you have Netflix and enjoy foreign films... 80% of the Fantoma collection is on there. I highly reccomend "Manji" and "Blind Beast". Both Japanese, and both very good.

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  • gakere March 27, 2006

    Something tells me they're both gonna be late for work...

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  • tattoodave March 27, 2006

    Thank you Siskel and tweek312. Next,,, a review of " Wetback Mountain."

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  • gurtman23 March 27, 2006

    thats just beautiful made my day

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  • mitch March 27, 2006

    she looks so fuckin hot right now id love to suck on her tits

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  • calibaldie March 28, 2006


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  • heyheyhey March 31, 2006

    anyone who somehow manages to find humour in that is jus twisted.

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  • jgimages April 12, 2006

    hey tweek shut the fuck up who asked you about the movie review. fuck you

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  • gorgoroth December 14, 2006

    HA!HA!HA!HA! thats funny and porn all in one!

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  • fuckpig82 May 31, 2008

    bonnie & clyde??

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