The Tunnels Flooded

He better call a tow truck.

  • jesta31 May 24, 2006

    i told you, you stupid bitch to turn left not right

  • hillbilly5150 May 24, 2006

    Those crazy mexicans will try anything to cross the border.

  • jennycks May 24, 2006

    and he tried to get away.

  • teamshowoff May 24, 2006

    the blues brothers did i thought is work for us to, yea yea yea

  • boardsurfer May 24, 2006

    the thumbnail is wrong

  • wolverino May 24, 2006

    im a teamhoebag....yea yea yea.

  • abombay May 24, 2006

    wtf is this??..a one car overpass

  • dalangvads May 24, 2006

    What an idiot - I dont think he's supposed to drive under there anyways lol

  • calibaldie May 24, 2006

    That freeeking hillbilly missed his turn. Now when we say turn off the paved road we mean tunr ont the dirt road no into a freeking canal. dubmass.

  • archemedes_rex May 24, 2006

    Uh, I think that's a culvert. Maybe?

  • justwrong May 24, 2006

    oopsie daisy

  • harryballzich May 25, 2006

    Kinda looks like it...

  • hillbilly5150 May 25, 2006

    Any hillbilly could out drive your dumb ass. & what's so wrong with a dirt road? All of our main roads are black top(dead niggers). but we do have few dirt roads around the lake & a couple down towards the creeks & rivers. What's the big fuckin' deal? AAAHHH I get it. you're used to standing under the street lights on the paved road with the moon crickets. There aint nothing like going down a dirt road and crossing a creek & going four-wheeling. God, just when I think I've found the biggest city polelock on the internet, I find another. get help for that personality disorder you & your little buddies know....wiggeritus.

  • justwrong May 25, 2006

    ^^^Learn to spell "Polelock" correctly. BTW, haven't heard mooncricket in a long time. Almost as long as Pickaninny. Now...squeel like a pig boy

  • titan May 25, 2006

    Thank you hillbilly for taking the time away from bobbing on your uncle/cousins cock to write that enlightening pile of shit.

  • rockybalboa May 25, 2006


  • pablosdog May 25, 2006

    pollock.........there, you happy?

  • calibaldie May 26, 2006

    i think way down inside of him hillbilly is inlove with a nigga. lol he likes the big nigga dick. not only is he a freeking hillbilly hes freeking gay too, whats the odds on that??????

  • rockinfool May 26, 2006

    Goddammit you guys are funny!

    It's Pollack....Don't you guys remember Pollack jokes....They're the same as Hillbilly jokes.....except you say PoLlaCk! Not like the fish dumbass (Pollock) That's a crappy whitefish.


    Rock On

  • nubclub June 24, 2006


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