Rough Landing

Looks like they so close yet so far away.

  • deianeira June 20, 2006

    It's just a little torn up, it's still good it's still good!

  • dinkydaumarine June 20, 2006

    Like Pee Wee herman would say when he crashed his bike. " I meant to do that"

  • pnutt June 20, 2006

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Homer Simpson a classic!

    Thats why I don't pilot helicopters!

  • 1badmofo June 20, 2006

    Does he still pass his chopper driving test? He got it on the boat!

  • katzs June 20, 2006

    get duct tape??

  • bacord18 June 20, 2006

    i remember that episode pnutt.. "when pigs fly!!" lol oh that is sad.. yea, i bet the pilot feels like a jackass right about now..unless of course he's sleepin with the fishes..

  • sleezoidsycho June 20, 2006

    why is that dude tryin to pull the helicopter

    into the water?

  • fuckedinfresno June 20, 2006

    Fucking Marines, serves them right for using 30 year old shit. Actually the Sea Knight is pretty sturdy, this guy must have really had a major failure to get into this shit. If I was the left seater right now I'd be trying to find water and getting the Hell out from under that thing.

  • justwrong June 20, 2006

    Guess theres no smoking on the fantail tonight

  • geargrinder65 June 21, 2006

    DUDE my dad is a tv repairman he has a narly set of tools!!!!!I can fix it!!!

  • res1rasd June 21, 2006

    Missed it by that... much.

  • youngblood48 June 21, 2006

    nice catch c got there before they hit the water....

  • nocode June 22, 2006

    what, its not supposed to land like that??

  • revndpimpdaddy July 10, 2006

    Billy Bob, Driving pickup trucks in Kansas dosen't qualify you to fly helicopters asshole.

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