You Thought You Had It Bad

This is when the beach comes to you.

  • bildo619 August 6, 2006

    Can't think of anything clever about this one.

  • tree88 August 6, 2006

    Who is he calling? Room service maybe?

  • the ridgeruner August 6, 2006

    "Can you hear me now, Mother Fucker?"

  • likemeballz August 6, 2006

    must be trying to find out where i still waiting for my fuckin pizza.....

  • ~ever~ August 6, 2006

    if he farted, would he still smell it? Throw him a bar of soap!

  • chillidogsb August 6, 2006

    He calling his plumber wondering where the fuck he is this tap been dripping for weeks

  • imbetu August 6, 2006

    Uhhh Yae ,we have reservations on THE ROYAL CRUISE and our ship still hasn't arrived,.... yae, Puerta Viarta...sure I'll hold

  • eyenbackofhead August 6, 2006

    yea man im still here where u @ w/ my rock?


  • 4leftturnsx500 August 6, 2006

    bildo619 wrote:

    Can’t think of anything clever about this one. Well try! Some of you guys should have tried out for (Last Comic Standing) because that was some funny shit! LMFAO! From the look on his face, I think he's having phone sex with Poolqt!!!

  • wtf August 7, 2006

    He is calling to say that he is in deep water, amazing that the phones still work

  • kane August 7, 2006

    Dont fucking worry why bitch. Just make sure the fucking laundry is done. I gotta change when I get home.

  • phylthy August 7, 2006

    Uh ya , Boss? um well see we kinda hit a water main... no no don't come down, I think we can get it cleaned up by ... oh ... December ...2008

  • pnutt August 7, 2006

    Sorry sir but I am going to have to come in a little late today...the bus hasn't shown up yet.

  • king_dingaling August 7, 2006

    "Yeah, Osama? Uhhhh....I need another bomb. The one on my chest kind of got wet."

  • pablosdog August 8, 2006

    I liked the plumber joke. And ya, a crackhead would definitely wait for his dealer in this shit.

  • jacksonsguilty August 10, 2006

    911 operator: Sir, I know the water is rising. Just stay calm and don't leave the phone. A submarine has been dispatched and should be there in 30 minutes.

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