Flat Tops Are Back

Kid N Play did it best.

  • troyboy August 6, 2006


  • likemeballz August 6, 2006

    welcome to the jungle i would call that peice of art work

  • kkkkilla August 6, 2006

    Hairy. Nice. Now I know I'm not looking at a 7 year old.

  • poolqt August 6, 2006

    shave yo shit biotch!

  • netheo August 6, 2006

    It looks like his brain has exploded.

  • imbetu August 6, 2006

    netheo .... I think thats a girl and it looks like shes eaten out the picture... she looks into it! ...I wonder why the back of her head is bald? ...no I don't

  • eyenbackofhead August 6, 2006

    thats some easy rogaine lol!!!

  • 4leftturnsx500 August 6, 2006

    He's thinking..."If I could shave it off and flip it onto my head..It would be a perfect fit!" Second thought...he's gay and thinking how much he'd rather suck a pole than have to dive into that jungle!

  • koochie_eater August 8, 2006

    I Eat Koochies every chance i get...Hence my name,koochie_eater! The ones that i really are those chicks who jogged 5 miles on a very hot day in the afternoon,Didn't take a shower afterwards, Spreads her legs w/ all the cheese and funky smells along with it & I go down and munch on it!! YUUMMMYYY!!!!!!! :D

  • jacksonsguilty August 10, 2006

    Scoot back, buddy. I'm trying to see the show.

  • north_brutha34 April 24, 2009

    hhaha nice house party reference

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