How Fast Are You?

Well in all reality you don't have to be the fastest, you just can't be the slowest in the group, or you can just kill the fucking mutt.

  • thundercat August 15, 2006


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  • kkkkilla August 15, 2006

    Thanks for the warning.

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  • cap-n_obvious August 15, 2006

    a korean will have YOU smothered in bbq sauce in half that time

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  • doods August 15, 2006

    that's right kill the fucker - turn around & kick it in the belly then spread his front legs till they snap like a fucking wishbone

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  • billdgar August 15, 2006

    one dog, no problem... two or more dogs, big problem, chihuahua, kiss your ankles goodbye, it's like trying to kick a fly

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  • bigwilly August 15, 2006

    dbcoop. You sure it was a poodle/pekinese and not one of those vicious poo-an/peckya-knees variants?

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  • likemeballz August 15, 2006

    im used to those fuckers chasing after me...i make in half that time

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  • 4leftturnsx500 August 15, 2006

    dbcoop, you're supposed to put the dog in the other room and shut the door before you start having sex! Once she starts screamin' the dog thought you were hurting his master! Oh...I think a Wendy's Double would slow that fucker down a tad! OK...If you're not too fast, better bring 2 or 3!

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  • imbetu August 16, 2006


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  • stealmywheels August 16, 2006

    i like the shining light from above like if the dog on the left is a hero

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  • falconer2010 April 23, 2010

    Lol epic sign. I want one that says 'I can bang my ho in 15 seconds, can you?'

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