The Unidentified Dragging Objects League.

on 12.05.2001

Now that the legal stuff has been said, let's get down to business. Unidentified Dragging Objects League is kinda like this: Find something in the trash that looks like it would be fun to drag down the road behind a automobile, get a camera ready, get that piece of shit out of the trash and go for a ride.

The Guilty
Craz: Driver, Chief Engineer
Mike Face: The tow-ee (and the only one with health insurance)
Confusious: Digital Camera, and digital pics.
Lil Cease: Video Camera

Our Piece of Shit:
We had this old nasty fridge that was used to store mass quantities of beer for the summer of 2000. After a couple months of use, we realized that the fridge was using more than it's fair share of electricity. Actually it would have been cheaper to fly in ice from Antarctica! So we unplugged ole' faithful. And it just sat there for another year, till one day I got a hair in my ass to throw the fucking thing away (along with this huge ass jar of pickles that smelt like death).

Once we got that bad boy outside I started tearing off the doors with a sledge hammer (almost broke the jar of death flavored pickles), and hauled it to the street so the trash guys could pick it up. As we were pushing it on the street (on it's side) I notice that it slid pretty good and that's when the idea hit me like an elbow to the forehead.

The Pre-Dragging
So we made the preparations to drag it down the street on it's side (kinda like surfing). But after a couple minutes, we realized that that bad boy would just tip over, like me at the bar, and that's no good. So we decided to put it on it's back. And as we all know, or at least some of us, the back of a fridge has all that crap on it. No problemo, I get out the old trusty saws-all and five minutes later we got a flat surface that's ready to rock.

Since I was beating this thing with a sledge hammer earlier, the fiberglass was all hanging out and shit. So we put a box in there and poof we got a bad ass object to drag.

Here's some pre-dragging pics: (click on the images for a larger view)

" color="#ffffff"> Click here for larger image!
The hole is cut for the rope,
and Mikey Face has begun the box installation.
" color="#ffffff"> Click here for larger image!
We're admiring our
fine craftsmanship!
" color="#ffffff"> Click here for larger image!
The box is in and
it's tape time.
" color="#ffffff"> Click here for larger image!
I got the rope tied, and we're off. (that was in front of my neighbor's house, I bet they just love me).

Lights, Camera....Action!:
Below are some of the clips and pics from the ride.

And we're off! Media Player 1.6M
(we we're going about 20 some mph)

It went down the road pretty good, even though it was loud as hell.

Click here for larger image!
Craz, "How was it?"
M Face, "Sweeeeetttt!"

Click here for larger image!
We should've gone to the store for beer!

Just Like a Sunday Drive Media Player 1.6M
On this one we started to go about 35-40 mph, and I was trying to get him to hit a couple garbage cans too! Ohh yhea, while we were doing this, people were like "what the fuck?!?!", and Mikey Face was just waving back at them.

Click here for larger image!

A Quick One Around the Corner Media Player .3M

Click here for larger image!
We tore that piece of shit up!

After Mike's great ride around the hood (with some dogs chasing him) it had to come to an end. We pretty much surprised the shit out of everyone that seen us, and we also made some new friends around the neighborhood. So we are going to keep an eye out for some suitable trash to take for a drag next...meanwhile we'll keep you updated.

The end:

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