on 05.05.2004

The rules are simple, play 9-ball with the normal rules and these additional rules. Each beer is considered 30 seconds worth of drinks. After a few games, you can switch it to 60. Here is when to drink:

- Every time your opponent makes a ball, you drink that many seconds.
- If you scratch, you drink 3 seconds. If you make a ball when you scratch, add what you made to the 3.
- When you make a combo, add the balls hit together. I.E. 3-4 combo is 7 drinks, if the 3 falls as well, add that in as well. The 6-9 combo is 30 drinks. Slop combos don't count.
- When you have ball in hand, you must make what you are shooting at. If you miss, drink double what you were aiming at. This includes combos.
- Anything made on the break is doubled.
- If you make the 9 ball on the break, your opponent must drink a full beer in the time it takes you to re-rack the balls.

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