Trivial Pursuit Of Beer

on 05.11.2004

Once the players have mastered the rules, this game is simply amazing and loads of fun. Generally people get real drunk before the game is over. Here are the rules:

- Drink once if it's your turn
- Drink once for a "roll again"

For a correct answer:
- Green: person to left drinks
- Yellow: person to right drinks
- Brown: give 5 drinks to someone
- Pink: ladies drink
- Blue: gents drink
- Orange: everyone drinks

Correct answers are cumulative. For example, for a second correct answer in a row, drink 2x instead of 1, etc, etc. This includes pie answers.

For correct pie answers:
- Yellow: make a rule
- Blue: thumb master
- Pink: categories
- Brown: waterfall
- Green: questions
- Orange: rhymes

It always happens that somebody knocks over a pie thing and spills the pies out. So, for each pie spilled out, the guilty party must drink for five seconds.

The first person that fills up his game piece with pies is the president, just like in "asshole". The second to get in is the vice president, etc.

There is no penalty for a wrong answer; you simply lose your turn. Once everyone knows what's going on this game is a real blast to play.

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