Beer Darts

on 05.18.2004

This game is a variation of the dart game cricket, and the rules are fairly simple. What is needed is one dartboard, 2 to 4 players, beer, and darts.

For those of you who are familiar with the game of cricket, this will be trivial, but for those who are not, this is what the game consists of.

Each player gets three darts per turn, and one turn per round.
The object of the game is to "close" the numbers 15 through 20 on the dartboard, and the bullís eye. The inner ring on the board is a triple ring and counts as three hits.
The outer ring is the double ring and counts as two hits, and the other area of the number counts as 1 hit.
For the bull, the inner section is a double hit, and the outer part is a single hit.
To close a number or the bull, you must hit it three times.

Now for the drinking.

The first player to close out 20 gives out a half of a beer (6 drinks).
The first player to close out 19 to 15 gives out a quarter of a beer (3 drinks), and the first person to close out bullís eye gives out a full beer (12 drinks).
No number or bulls eye has to be closed in any particular order, and the person who is giving out the drinks can divvy them however they choose.
The game is played until one person completely closes out everything, and at that point, the remaining players have to finish their beers.

Play as many games as necessary to reach the desired drunken state. This game can be dangerous if you get involved with some people that can throw darts, but is a lot of fun if the players are equally skilled.

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