Russian Roulette

on 01.31.2005

All you need is a large cup, a cap gun complete with caps, and a room full of drinkers.

Note: A cap gun with a revolving barrel is preferable.

Note: The more caps you have the more rounds the game can be played.

Make sure you have a great number of caps in accordance to the number of people playing

Take all the caps and poke out each shot except for one. Load the altered ring into the cap gun and give the barrel a spin, Russian Roulette style. Have everyone sit around the large cup and make sure everyone playing has a drink in there hands. The first person to go puts the gun up to their head and pulls the trigger. If the shot is a dud, that person must add a sizable amount of his/her drink to the pass cup and pass the gun and the pass cup to the next person. Spinning the barrel between passes is optional (some people prefer to). The pass cup gun continues to go around the circle in this fashion until someone gets the live cap.

In this event the unlucky person must chug the passing cup. Load up another single shot ring in the cap gun and play again.

This game becomes very interesting when the people playing are all drinking a mix of alcohols. Beers and mixed drinks or all mixed drinks.

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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