Dice Wars

on 03.01.2005

This game requires at least 2...or multiples of 2 if on teams. All players sit around a table with a cup in the center. Use 1 die per every 2 people playing. The object of the game is to bounce the die "quarters style" into the cup. The number that lands side up in the cup, is the number the opponent has to drink, ie 6 = 6 gulps of beer, wine, etc. Then, the person/team who made it in gets to use a quarter for the extra point, doubling the dice's score if they make it, ie 6 + quarter = 12 drinks.

This game is brutal. I recommend using a plastic cup because glass will get broken. Once the die has missed the cup it's a free-for-all to grab it. If it lands on the floor...everyone stops and drinks. If someone goaltends (grabs the dice while it is coming down into the cup) or pours the dice out before anyone can see the number, they get a technical foul, and have to roll the dice to see how much they have to drink. Two technical fouls, and you are gone.

With team action, team mates sit across from each other and shoot on the cup. Every member of the opposing teams have to drink when one team scores.

This game gets crazy, so don't have anything on the table, or any breakables around. A referee is useful, but not needed.

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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