Blow Me

on 03.11.2005

Requirements for play

1 bottle
1 deck of cards
4+ players

Instructions for play
1. To start Blow Me, take a deck of cards and stack them on top of a bottle (beer, vodka, whatever..).

2. Each person then tries to blow the cards off the deck.

3. If they can blow one card off than everyone drinks, if they blow more than one off nothing happens, BUT when somebody blows the whole deck of cards off the bottle they must drink the entire time while everyone sings the following tune:

*We will use the name Julie as as example...

"Oh here's to sister (when its a guy you say brother) Julie, sister Julie, sister Julie, oh here's to sister Julie who's with us tonight. She eats it, she beats it, she even mistreats it, so drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker drink!"

...and the crowd can sing as fast or as slow as they would like.

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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