The Mushroom Game

on 06.28.2006

This game involves a deck of cards, a empty 12 oz beer can, bout 4-5 friends and lots of beer. set the empty can in the center of the table and fan the cards out all around the can face down. the first player says smoke or fire, (red or black) if they get it right, they choose a player to drink in there wrong, they have to drink. all number cards are 3 drinks, face cards are 4 drinks and aces are 5 drinks. then the player puts the card on top of the empty can face down with two of the cards corners hanging off. the game keeps going putting cards on the can. remember 2 corners of the card must hang off all the other cards. the mushroom will get pretty large. the first one to knock it over must take 15 drinks, or a whole beer. get sloppy:)

Cesar F., lilcese@crazyshit.com
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