The Real Waterfall

on 09.28.2006

Everyone sits in a circle, u will need at least 5 players and a 30 pack or 2 for it to be fun.

A deck of cards or more than one deck(if u really wanna get fucked up)is laid out face-down in the middle of the table.

Then everyone decides which direction to go, it really dosent make a difference ether way.

Then the players take turns pulling one card out of the pile. Each card has something diffent to do for it which I will explain next. After a card is pulled it goes in the out-pile.

First i'll give u a list of what each card is a then i will explain it.(its good to keep the list out on the table for newbies)

9-rhyme time
10-them (or i never)

Ok, 2 is you, which means the person who draws it picks someone to drink

3 is me meaning the person who drew it drinks

4 is whores which means all girls at the table drink

5 is social which means everyone drinks

6 is dicks, guys drink

7 is heaven, last person to point up at the ceiling or sky or whatever has to drink

8 is categories which mean the person who draws it must pick a category of something like beer, cigs, sex positions, clothes or whatever, the first person who cannot name something in that category or says something someone else said already has to drink

9- rhyme time, the person who gets this says any rhymable word,(not orange or zebra or bullshit like that)the first person who cant rhyme it or says something someone already said drinks

10 is them,(or i never) everyone but the person who drew the card drinks(or i never is just like one regular round of i never)

Jack is back which means the last person to pull a card drinks

Queen is question which means that person hold on to the queen until the next queen is pulled. During this time if the person holding the Q asks anybody a question(ex. whose turn is it?) any they answer it then the person who answered has to drink. When someone asks u the ? u can ether stay quiet or answer it with another ?(Ex. Does ur mom give good head?)

king is rule, the person who draws it makes a rule that last though the whole game, if the rule is broken the person who broke it must drink or whatever other consequence the rule-maker made.(ex. of rules: no saying names or u have to hold ur beer in ur opposite hand exc.)also when make the rule u decide whether u have drink when u break the rule or take off some clothes or whatever

Ace is waterfall, the best one in the deck, whenever this one is pulled all rules are off during this time, the person who pulled it chooses which way to go(that way they can fuck over the person on their right or left) Everyone starts chugging until the person who drew the cards puts their beer down, then the next person in line is allowed to put theirs down and so on, this ways the person at the end of the line must wait until EVERYONE is done drinking to put theirs down.

notes- when i say drink the person must take a good amount of beer, more than a sip but not a chug. Pretty much just a gulp.

Thanks John for sending us the REAL WATERFALL!!!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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