Team America: World Police

on 12.18.2006

While watching the movie do the following:

One Drink:

- Any time you see an explosion

- Any time someone says Matt Damon

- Any time someone says Alec Baldwin

- Any mention of Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMDs

- Any mention of a sexual body part or sexual activity...ex. Cock, balls, pussy, etc

- Any time Gary thinks about his brother

- Any mention of Valmorphanize

- Any time they talk about 9/11 times something

- Any time they talk about Joe liking Sarah or Gary liking Lisa or Sarah liking Gary

- Any mention of the Film Actors Guild (FAG)

Finish your beer during the songs Pearl Harbour Sucked, Iím So Ronrey, What Would You Do, Montage, and during puppet sex.

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