Defend The Castle

on 04.30.2007

Let me start off by saying, although this game is complex, it is the greatest drinking game of all time.

First you need two teams with two people on each team. Place 4 cups in a square on each corner of the table. These 4 corner cups are called the castle. The cup furthest to the corner out of these 4 cups is called the throne. Each throne is filled with one shot of vodka and some beer. The three other cups in the castle surronding the throne are half filled with beer and 1 quarter is placed in each of them. These three cups with the quarters are called the castle wall. Then place 4 cups on each side laying on the white line that goes down the ping pong table so that they are perpendicular to the base line. These cups are called the line cups. They are alittle less then half filled with beer.


Every turn each player on the team throws 1 ping pong ball each. Ping pong balls cannot be bounced. There are 3 ways to win. One is hitting both the thrones of the opposing team. Another is having one cup on your line touch the net in the middle of the table. The last way is by throwing a quarter into one of the thrones of the opposing team. The losing team must drink the remains of their castle.

After each turn the cup at the back of the line is moved to the front of the line so that eventually, if the cups on the line are not hit, they will slowly move up and cross the mid line rusulting in a win for the given team.
Since there is a castle in each corner of the table and 4 people playing each person has their own castle for the game. If a ping pong ball is thrown into the corner cup or throne the person who owns that castle is eliminated and can no longer throw a ping pong ball and must take the remaining cups of their castle off the table and drink them. This leavs there teamate alone and only able to throw one ball.
If one of the wall cups is hit, it is moved to the back of that teams line. The quarter in this wall cup which is now on the line gives the cup an extra life. If this cup is hit it is not taken off the table but the quarter is removed and used by the given team to throw at the opposing teams cup like a ping pong ball when it is their turn. If a cup on the line without a quarter is hit it is drank and removed from the table. If all but one cup is hit on the line the line is immobilized and can no longer advance up the table. The only way a line can be able to advance again is if a wall cup is hit and then moved to the line. If all cups are hit on a given teams line and a wall cup is hit it is moved all the way back to the start of the line at the base of the table. If a player throws a quarter into one of the opposing teams throne then the game is over and the team whos throne has been hit must drink the remains of their castle.
If a quarter is thrown into a wall cup then that cup is moved to the back of the line and has two lives, one for each quarter.

You want to take out the person's line so the opposing team does not win by having the cups reach the net at the middle of the table.
You want to hit the person's throne so that they are eliminated however you do not want to hit there wall so that it goes to their line.

Now you are ready to play Defend Your Castle!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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