The Conan Obrien Drinking Game

on 04.30.2007

everyone get together and watch conan o brian, drink accordingly to these rules(a drink is about a mouthfull):

*1 drink*
- when Conan does any impression
- for each dance move he does in the opening
- when conan talks to max
- when conan gets sidetracked (for a decent amount of time)
- when conan mentions nbc
- if the guest is caucasian
- when conan fixes/re-arranges his hair
- if conan isnt wearing a black suit
- if conan is wearing a tie with a pattern
- whenever conan hugs a male guest
- when conan gets a compliment from a guest
- when conan says "bye everybody g'bye"

*2 drinks*
- when conan does his "nerdy younger self" impression
- when conan immitates bush or makes fun of paris hilton
- when conan starts to sing anything
- when the max weinburg 7 has someone singing during their song
- whenever a sports star is the guest
- whenever conan takes or starts to take off an article of clothing
- whenever conan kisses a female guest on the cheek
- whenever conan hugs a male guest
- if the guest isn't caucasian
- whenever conan mentions a competing network

*3 drinks*
- when a skit involves an audience member speaking out
- when conan talks about his children
- when conan makes fun of labamba
- when something besdies a musical act is scheduled
- when max is in a skit
- whenever announcer joel goddard is mentioned or shown
- whenever a skit involves an old lady
- when anyone mentions conans height
- when anyone mentions that conan is irish
- whenever conan plays with the microphone on his desk

*4 drinks*
- when Conan talks about the "scissor dance"
- when ever there isn't a comedy sketch between the 1st and 2nd guest
- when conan mentions max is jewish
- when conan talks to his producer
- whenever a guest gets out of their chair in the middle of an interview
- when their is no musical act, or any other act scheduled at all
- any mention at all of finland
- whenever there is more than one guest during the same interview period

*5 drinks*
- when the musical guest gets bumped
- when they do the "talking mouths" skit on his tv and bush isnt a character
- when "mansy" or "fed ex pope" is mentioned or shown on screen
- when conan swears
- when the first guest is carried through a commercial break

*whole beer*
- if andy richter is the guest
- when triumph makes an appearence
- whenever an audience member shouts something out and conan responds (not including what happens during intro)

- for however many seconds the "ima gonna go to hell when i die" song is sung for u drink for that amount of time
- a mouthfull must be taken for how ever many people are in the musical act or comdey act for that night, a second "sip" must be taken if conan shakes their hand b4 the credits role
- u take a drink for how ever many people are on the couch/chair b4 the commercial break
- you take a "sip" for each skit that involves multiple examples of the same things (ex. new us stamps, new college mascot outfits)

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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