Round The Clock Drinking

on 04.30.2007

1. Each player throws 3 darts at numbers 1 through 20 and bullseye starting with 1. The objective is to get the highest number of hits on each number. The number of hits a player gets is the number of beer shots his opponent has to drink. Once both players throw their 3 darts at the number in play, they move on to the next number.

Single segment= 1 shot
Double segment= 2 shots
Triple segment= 3 shots
Single bullseye= 2 shots
Double bullseye= 4 shots

i.e. If a player throws 3 triples, his opponent has to take 9 shots of beer.

2. Only throws that hit the designated number count. If both players miss thier 3 throws, then no beer shots are taken. Play continues onto the next number.

3. The game ends on the bullseye. The winner is the person that inflicts the most drunkeness on his opponent.

4. Highly skilled players will most likely go through a 12-pack of beer in one game.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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