Case Race

on 04.30.2007

You need one BB gun, beer, and at least 2 people (the more the better). You set empty beer cans around the yard in a semi-circle from a central point. Designate a point system for the beer cans according to their distance.

A player begins by shooting at the can. If he hits the can then he can give the value of sips of the can to whomever he wishes, but if he misses then he must drink that value. You move in a semi circle arrangement.

Here is one of the kickers to the game. If the person shooting misses the can he can then call a chance shot. If he misses the chance then he must finish his beer, but if he hits the can then he can make someone else finish their beer.

After you finish the semi-circle arrangement without missing, then you can go for the other kicker. You place a full unopened beer a moderate distance away and call out a player's name. The shooter then shoots at the can and if he hits it then the player whose name was called must run and shotgun the beer.

This game gets a little tricky because the more you drink the worse your aim is, so have fun and happy shooting.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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