PBS Drinknig Game

on 07.30.2007

Take a Drink when... # Someone offers you a Coffee Mug.
# Someone offers you a Tote Bag.
# Someone offers you a Program Guide.
# A local Radio persona hosts the Pledge Drive.
# A local Newscaster hosts the Pledge Drive.
# Red Green appears live in the studio.
# The Pledge Drive host gets the names of the Doctor Who actors mixed up.
# The Pledge Drive host gets the names of the Doctor Who companions mixed up.
# A guest-Pledge Drive host pauses to try and remember the station call letters.
# A guest-Pledge Drive host gives the wrong station call letters.
# The word "Quality" is used.
# PBS is referred to as "an experiment".
# A Pledge Drive host tries to make a crack about the proper plural pronunciation of Doctor Who (Example: Doctor Whose, Doctor Who‘s, Doctor‘s Who).
# The word "Premium" is used to describe the "Gifts".
# A reference is made to the Television Station‘s sister NPR Radio Station.
# The Pledge host reminds you that you are not "buying" the item, it is a "Gift" for your financial support.
# The station claims they are here for YOU.
# You are reminded that you can pledge with your Credit Card.
# Pictures of various Credit Cards appear next to the phone number to call.
# A reference is made to the lack of "Quality" programming on Network Television.
# The Gift offered is a VHS tape of the program you just saw.
# The phrase "active supporter" is used to refer to members.
# The phrase "passive participant" is used to refer to non-members. # The Pledge hosts claim YOU program the station.
# A Pledge host claims THEY are a member.
# A Pledge host removes from their wallet the Station‘s Membership card to prove they are a member.
# They refer to your Pledge as a "Vote". Examples: "A Vote for Quality Television" and "You Vote with your Dollars".
# A Pledge host reads about upcoming programs from the Program Guide to convince you it‘s worth having.
# You hear the Pledge Hosts attempt humour by saying the exact same things about PBS you heard Red Green say during his Pledge Drives.
# A group of American Legion volunteers are answering the phones.
# The "Gift" that is offered has the Station Logo on it.
# Someone mis-pronounces a Doctor Who Monster‘s name.
# You see someone in the background answer the phone, then hang up a few seconds later because someone just prank called them.
# Someone is seen wearing Red Green suspenders.
# Someone is seen wearing Doctor Who suspenders.
# The phrase "Matching Gifts" is used.
# You see a cute girl answering the phones you would like to call just to talk to her.
# The "Gift" that is offered can be found at Sam Goody or Music Land for 1/7th the pledge price.
# The Pledge host claims they were just in your local town last week.
# The Pledge host has an item that is not offered as a Gift because it was left over from the last Pledge Drive and they only have one left for display.
# A Pledge host tries to make a joke about the appearance of a Doctor Who Monster. Example: A Doctor Who Monster resembles their neighbor‘s cat.
# The Pledge host has a letter in their name. Examples: "H Wayne" or "Wayne R".

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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