on 08.07.2007

Rules: Two teams of two, playing on a long table with the fold out legs. Each team has a cup full of beer and you use a dice.

The team rotates who shoots the dice do not go out of order. That results in losing a turn and both people on the other team get to shoot.

The object is to get the dice in either cup across from you. There is a height rule and no line drives.

You are allowed to call height if you think it is a line drive throw. If you make it in the cup both players on the opposite team drinks the full beer.

The person's cup it lands in spits the dice out if it lands on a five fill both cups up again and chug.

Then the other team shoots. You don't have to spit it out again. There is out of bounds on the side of the table and if it bounces in play one of the team members must catch it or it is a point and both players drink a 1/3 of there beer.

It must hit the table to count, if you throw it off the table you don't have to catch it.

Play to seven and if you sink the dice it is a point and if the you don't catch the dice also a point. You will be extremly drunk and winner stays.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Jay D.
posted on: 09-05-07 @ 11:26 PM