The Island

on 08.14.2007


6 cups all 1/2 full

2 full unopened cans of beer

An elevated flat surface (stool, stack of BIG text books) that should be about 1'x1' to 2'x2' max.

1 ping pong ball


center island platform

ball bounced off center

cups in a triangle formation with upside down FULL beer can in middle (closed)

balls MUST be bounced off the island

when a ball bounces off the can (volcano) it will make a soft ding noise

AFTER THE DING NOISE the player will get 1 turn (next shot they take) to score!

If the next shot is made, the player MUST drink double!!!!

If the ball lands in the volcano the opponent loses! the volcano erupts (MUST SHOTGUN THE BEER!) FOLLOWED BY DRINKING EVERY CUP ON YOUR SIDE!

(the opponents cups are left to them to drink or what ever, not forcing others to drink! safety first!)

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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