Gravy Train

on 09.12.2007

Set up the cards into a 4-3-2-1 pyramid and deal all players 3 cards.

Flip the first card in the bottom row (th e one with four cards in it). If anyone has the same number card, they nominate someone to have a drink, BEFORE you put the card down.

However, you can bluff and force people to drink when you don't really hold the card in your hand. Therefore, if you are asked to drink you can challenge it. If you are right (and the person doesn't actually have the card), then they have to drink DOUBLE the drinks (so 2), but if you are wrong (and they do have the card), you have to drink DOUBLE.

Play continues flipping the cards, with drinks increasing as you move up the pyramid (i.e bottom row is 1, doubling to 2 if challenged, up to the top row (final card) which is 4 drinks or EIGHT if doubled!

If a card flipped is the same as one already been, simply place another card on it from the leftover cards until you get one you haven't had before.

At the end of the game, the person who has the most "points" on their cards (i.e a person holding a 10 and an 8 has 18 points) rides the "Gravy Train". They select two distinct cards (one picture and one normal) and the entire deck is shuffled and revealed one by one. For each picture card that comes up before either of the two cards chosen by the person, they have to have a drink!

Long instructions, but easy to pick up when you start playing. Adds a strategic element to drinking. Although if you challenge on the top row, and you get it wrong....Oh dear. Also, the most drinks someone can get by riding the gravy train is 15!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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