Amsterdam Beer Slapping

on 09.12.2007

Strange Dutch drinking game for at least two people, but preferably six or seven, played regularly in Amsterdam bars.

A group of people stands around. One takes the initiative and suddenly places a full glass of beer on his head, and holds it there with one hand. Others follow his example. They then all slap the last one to do so on the head.

This is an anarchic and funny game. Speed and initiative are of the essence. It is best played with six or seven people. Once started, the game usually deteriorates into an evening of protracted beer slapping warfare.

- you may not slap without a glass on your own head. You MUST hold it there while slapping.
- you may not slap with an empty glass on your head.
- slapping must be on the head. The face is not allowed.
- no deliberate spilling of beer allowed.

tip: Introduction of this game to novices should be spontaneous. Simply place a glass of beer on your head. Soon, someone will ask you for the reason behind your absurd behavior. Slap him as described above. Then the two of you repeat the procedure with a third person. Alternatively, try the line: do you know what Amsterdam beer slapping is? Then repeat as above

- the last one to place a glass on his head gets the new round AND/OR
- Anyone to use empty glasses gets the new round.

variations - Amsterdam cross-slapping. Instead of placing the beer on your own head, place it on your friend's head.

Warning: - doing this to unsuspecting strangers can result in fights. - You may get wet.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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