Goon Of Fortune!

on 09.12.2007

The game is played by attaching one full bag of cask wine (goon) taken from a box of wine, to each of the four corners of a rotary clothesline.

Once the bags are up, the contestants stand around the clothesline, and it is spun around.

As it spins, contestants traditionally shout out 'Goon... Of... Fortune!'

When it stops, the closest contestant to each bag must drink deep of its contents - ten seconds at least.

Whoever is left standing when the bags are empty is declared the winner.

The general rules for disqualification are as follows:

* A contestant leaves to take a ****.
* A contestant vomits.
* A contestant fails to drink from the bag.
* A contestant passes out.
* A contestant falls over and is unable to stand securely.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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