on 09.26.2007

Ok.... You will deal one card per player on each turn. Start by dealing by dealing to the left player one card. This is what you do when you get a card. The weird twist on this game is that noone can go to the bathroom without a "pee" card listed below.

Ace-4 - Black Suit Give that many drinks.

Ace-4 - Red Suit Drink that many drinks.

5- Social

6- You are in jail. You must drink each time any other player drinks.

7 - Get out of jail. This card will get you out of jail.. If you are not in jail you must save it and it does carry throughout all of the games of jail.

8 - "Pee" card - You need to have this card if you are to use the restroom.

9- rhyme - You need to start a rhyme that will go around the table until someone screws it up or can't think of a work that rhymes with the one you mentioned. Example: tool (Answers: fool, mole, dual, school etc.)

10 - Do a shot...

Jack - Category - The player that gets this card must choose a category of something (Sneakers, Vodka, Sexual Positions etc....) The first player not to answer must drink.

Queen - Question The player that gets this card must ask another player a question. The asked player must immediately without hesitation ask another player a question. The questions continue until someone answers the question or takes a pause win which they must drink.

King - Make a rule ... anything thumb master etc....

You continue playing this game as long as you want but the key is that the person in jail, the get out of jail cards, & the pee cards carry over from game to game.....

Have fun...

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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