on 10.03.2007

# of Players: 3 to Unlimited

Items Needed:
-One deck of cards per 3 people playing
-Copious amounts of alcohol,
-Funny people who arent afraid to do stupid stuff...

Four cards are dealt to each player.
each player looks at their cards.
Only one person needs to know the rules.

1) no speaking about the rules.
2) no asking questions.
3) no playing out of turn.
4) no swearing unless required by another rule.
5) no using names.
6) no pointing.
7) when a player has only one card left, they must knock twice on the table/ground/playing surface and say the word "bartok".

Each time a rule is broken, a card is given and a drink taken by the offending player. In addition, the player(s) who know the rules are not allowed to tell them what they have done wrong. the no asking questions is a killer for 1st timers!! this extends beyond the game. anything phrased as a question incurs a penalty, eg. what're you doing on the weekend.

The round is over when one player has no cards left, and they are the winner of that round. In true drinking game style, each player must finish off their drink within 15 seconds of the end of the round or they start the game with one extra card per second over the limit.


ANYTHING can be a rule that is made up by the round-winner but remember someone else will probably win the next round and they can - and will - get you back!

examples of rules to be added:
-each time someone plays a 3 they must yell loudly "I LOVE TO LICK MY DOG'S HAIRY ARSE!"

-each time an ace is played, that player must remove an item of clothing from the person to their left using only their teeth, and then take a drink with that person.

-each time a heart is played, all players must drink.

-for every king, you must pash the player three spaces to the right around the circle.

As you can see, the rules don't need to be related to drinking but are hopefully fun and the ever-expanding rule collection can be quite testing to the drunken mind.

Best of luck and HAPPY DRINKING!!! :)

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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